Poem of the Week



June seems so long ago now, vacation time is through.

I know it’s crazy to be scared, but I don’t know what to do.

It’s been a long, long summer–it’s strange now, coming here.

Will I find everything the same, or different, as I fear?


So many kids I don’t know, so many things to see.

Do you think they’re nervous too, or is it only me?

Will my friends still like me?  Will they call me on the phone?

Is there anyone to help, or am I on my own?


Will I do well in kickball?  Will I even get on the team?

Will I be Student of the Month, or is it just a dream?

I’m not sure where I’m going, but I’ll follow right along,

And maybe all together we’ll all find where we belong.



Red is the color of a beautiful rose–

It’s also the color of my friend Jim.

Yellow is the color of the bright summer sun–

It’s also the color of my friend Kim.

Brown is the color of a mighty tall oak–

It’s also the color of my friend Bill.

White is the color of the high fluffy clouds–

It’s also the color of my friend Jill.

And the world is made of wonderful colors,

From beginning along to its end.

And people are made of those wonderful colors,

And each one I call my friend.



We have lots of cats on our street at night,

Brown ones, black ones, yellow and white.

There are some with stripes and some with spots,

There’s a fuzzy one the color of apricots.

There’s a cat on our block called a Siamese.

There’s a Persian, and tabbies and a couple Burmese.

And these cats live together up and down our street,

They all play and visit with the cats that they meet.

Oh, sometimes a couple of cats may fight,

But never too long, and it ends up alright.

And I’ve always thought the strangest thing here,

Was they all lived together, year after year.

Both housecats and those from the alleyway,

Existing together, day after day.

We have lots of people on our street at night.

Brown ones, black ones, yellow and white.

I think of these folks doing this and that.

Imagine the things they could learn from a cat.